Introducing the tigrinya Dictionary App. So you now have this great app that can not only teach you how to speak English, but also has all these cool features! You can translate words from Tigrinya to any of these 7 languages: Amharic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, German. And vice versa too if your trying to learn a different language on your phone besides English.

This dictionary is so comprehensive it even has audio pronunciation! It's always been a hang up for speakers of any minority language in foreign countries--often bilingual signs with no microphone or actual speaker around and they don't want to ask native speakers.

"Need to know how to say 'hello' in Amharic, Arabic or Tigrinya?" Look no further because Tigrinya Dictionary can help you. Tigrinya Dictionary is a simple and light-weight app that lets you translate words between these 7 languages with the click of a button. It has audio pronunciation for each word.You don't need internet access or a data plan to use this dictionary! Learn words offline and practice your language skills anywhere!

Tired of searching for that word in the dictionary app? Look no further than our tigrinya dictionary app. We have all your favourite words to choose from, so you know what's it taken English speakers hours to find out. We take care of all the tedious processes involved when looking for information with our autocomplete option. You can also store your favourite words to refer back to them at any time. Why not rate and review us too!

The app is easier, cheaper and more user-friendly than any other product out there that does similar things. Think about how much money people who are new to Tigrinya would save by downloading this app.

Do you want to learn a new language? Are you always trying to find the right phrase for that tough situation around town? Or do you just like words and what they mean all day long. This app is perfect for learners, tourists, translators, or word nerds alike. You can look upwords in English and Tigrinya. The app also has voice recognition and will speak words aloud. Download this free App today!

Other features: